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• Improved Efficiency
• Minimum Downtime
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• Manufacturing
• SwitchboardsAircraft
• Pharmaceuticals
• Food Processing

• Mining/Underground
• Power/Generators
• Restoration
• Marine
• Transport
• Fire Damage

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Increased Output / Improved Efficiency / Minimum Downtime

“Our special equipment allows us to simultaneously DRY ICE CLEAN and ABRASIVE CLEAN if required. We can add measured amounts of an abrasive environmental material to our dry ice flow to remove difficult contaminants”

CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning Australia

CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning Australia offers a revolutionary method of cleaning. Our years of research, application and practical commercial use of this process, make it the most efficient, effective, versatile and environmental cleaning application available.

As the name indicates, CO2 (Dry Ice) Cleaning is a unique environmental cleaning method using CO2 pellets to clean material surfaces. It leaves no residue moisture or secondary waste, is non-abrasive and non-pollutant. We utilise recycled pharmaceutical grade CO2 (dry ice) pellets, which implode on impact with the surface of the material to be cleaned and/or sterilised. The kinetic energy causes the pellets to shatter and penetrate the base material, removing contaminates from the surface. The CO2 vapourises as gas, leaving the surface material clean.


Applications of our CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning are diverse. Primary applications are listed below. CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning Australia® is constantly exploring new industries and new applications for which this process can be applied.


There are numerous benefits to be gained by employing our CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning. Each one in isolation has the potential to have a major impact on your business operations and together they can revolutionize your cleaning and maintanance.


The unique difference with Dry Ice blasting is the media that impacts the surface is solid carbon dioxide (CO2) particles which sublimate (vaporise) upon impact with the surface producing advantages to alternative techniques.

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