A Revolution Has Arrived

There are numerous benefits to be gained by employing our CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning. Primary benefits are outlined below. Each one in isolation has the potential to have a major impact on your business operations. Together they can revolutionize the cleaning and maintanance areas of your operations.

Cost Savings

CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning Australia® will save you money. It is exciting to think that considerable cost cutting can be achieved while benefitting the environment, but this one of only a few great benefits to be gained from our process.

Minimal Downtime

In many instances, without the need to disassemble or remove equipment from the production line, a saving in lost production and therefore time and money.

No Residue

Unlike conventional steam, water or sand-blasting methods, there is no residue to clean up.

No Moisture

The cleaning method is used for and around electrical wiring, switchboards and electronic equipment.

No Chemicals or Toxins

To impact Work Related Environments, Councils, Industry.