Dry Ice Cleaning increases productivity, improves resistance, cleans contacts, switchboards and underground or above ground. The CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning process can be applied to:

  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Insulators
  • Switchboards
  • Rotors
  • Lines
Power Generator


Dry Ice Cleaning can be used to effectively clean all aspects of equipment: 

  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Insulators
  • Switchboards
  • Rotors
  • Lines
Mining Truck

Fire and Disaster Repairs

Cleaning with CO2 Dry Ice blasting dramatically reduces downtime and reduces costs. Our process is far superior to the cleaning methods generally used – water or soda blasting. Both Industry and Insurers benefit.

  • Costs related to business interruption lessened
  • Black mold can be eliminated
  • Soot and smoke damage eliminated from most surfaces
  • Machines and plant cleaned ‘in situ’.
Fire and Disaster Repairs

Hazardous Waste (Disposal)

The cost of hazardous waste removal huge and is continuously increasing. Liquid waste can cost $7 to $15 per/litre to remove. Standard cleaning methods magnify the problem because the cleaning materials water, solvents, sand beads become secondary contamination after coming in contact with the primary contaminant.

They must be treated as hazardous waste as well. As CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning sublimates upon contact with the target surface, no secondary waste accumulates. The volume of hazardous waste is reduced to minimal amounts, and the return on investment from converting over to dry ice cleaning is immediate.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Food Processing

Our CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning process is excellent in the food processing industry, particularly as it kills bacteria. Applications within the food industry are:

Food Processing


  • Dryers
  • Conveyors and mixing equipment
  • Moulds
  • Packaging equipment
  • Freezers
  • Glue Heads
  • Ovens – baking residue


  • Ventilating equipment
    Electric motors
  • Floors and Walls
  • Transportation equipment
  • Containers – storage and mobile


No moisture provides a unique advantage. Our CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning process can be used to clean.

  • Circuit breakers and boards
  • Electric production equipment
  • Electric control cabinets


We eliminate or reduce the following contaminants from moulds and machinery with our CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning approach:

  • Release agents
  • Product residues


CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning can provide a vastly superior result which in turn reduces disruptions, particularly in the power industry:

  • Switch-gear
  • Generator windings
  • Transformer bushings
  • Substations
  • Insulators

Our dry ice cleaning facilitates preventive maintenance planning which is critical. Traditional cleaning methods can require considerable downtime and result in inadequate cleaning results, contamination-related power disruptions.


Dry Ice Cleaning can be applied to  aspects of pharmaceutical production –

Applied to:

  • Mixing tanks
  • Mixers and moulds
  • Tablet moulds
  • Ovens


  • Elimination of bacteria and micro-organism growth
  • Elimination of unplanned short-circuits
  • Quick change of product lines


With CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning we can clean:

  • Aluminium and Steel, Plastic, Rubber, Glass
  • Rail units, Buses, Trams, Aircraft, Boats


Our CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning systems can clean:

  • Aluminium, steel and fibreglass hulls
  • Remove anti-fouling
  • Engines
  • Electrical
  • Tanks (water and fuel)


Our CO2 cleaning process is unique for cleaning valuable public and private monuments. CO2 can do this without damaging the targeted surface, without using chemicals and without additional waste. Some applications include:

  • Buildings
  • Graves
  • Mosaics
  • Stones
  • Statues (marble, granite)
  • Metal (iron, bronze)


CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning adn be applied to most aspects of:

  • Buildings – Switchboards, Motors, Assembly Lines
  • Moulds – Tyre, Coreboxes
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Alloy Wheels and Moulds
  • Electonics

Pulp and Paper Industry

CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning Australia can clean:

  • Machinery
  • Conveyor belts

CO2 Cleaning benefits are:

  • No moisture
  • Cleaned ‘in situ’
  • Shut down of machinery not required
Pulp and Paper


CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning can be applied to:

  • Engines
  • Wiring
  • Hydraulics
  • External (wings, fuselage)


CO2 Dry Ice Cleaning is capable of cleaning either hot or cold.

  • Electrical equipment
  • Permanent moulds – removing water and silicon based release agents
  • Coreboxes
  • Die-casting machines